Why choose us


We offer our services as a Partner in the true sense of the word, enabling us to solve all the customer’s problems regarding glass. Today the term Partner is perhaps over-used, but we are willing to demonstrate that this is what we actually are through tangible facts that go above and beyond the traditional relationship between supplier and subcontractor.
For us, working alongside the customer means continuously sharing opinions, devising, developing and testing the project together. The product development team, buyers, marketing managers and designers and planners must be able to count on the availability of an expert, specialised person to refer to.
And, speaking of concreteness, these are the reasons we consider essential for your choice:

A craftsman’s ... industry. This may seem a contradiction in terms, but it is not. We started out as just an ordinary workshop, but we have developed into a small company without however forgetting the qualities of craftsmanship in the processes, and more importantly, in our scrupulous attention to detail.
Practical solutions, for over half a century. Our extensive experience - in particular in interior design, but certainly not only that – enables us to immediately focus on the requirement and offer specific solutions. Furniture manufacturers, architects, general contractors, and various stakeholders with ever-changing requirements, have enabled us to enhance our know-how and more importantly capture in their essence the real needs underlying their requests.
Excellence as a vocation. The Company is specialised in transforming glass for interior design applications: a choice that leads to continuous challenges in terms of high quality manufacturing. The Dal Pian philosophy is in fact based on the belief that quality is not controlled through the industry’s regulations and customs, but by putting ourselves in the shoes of the purchaser. Producing glass with an acknowledged aesthetic value, addressing with awareness the stringent quality standards of interior design: this for Dal Pian is true vocation.
Active involvement, always. Through its partnership approach, Vetrerie Dal Pian guarantees a range of services that goes far above and beyond simply manufacturing the product. Customers can discuss in the minutest detail the type of glass and processing they have in mind; as well as this, they are updated on the options offered by the latest techniques, which give design and planning a new driving force.
“Tailor-made” production. Vetrerie Dal Pian stands out for its ability to customise production: so not only pre-packaged solutions, but exclusive, individually targeted applications. For example, we transform and process in endless ways the highly popular new-generation porcelain stoneware. Moreover – to meet the growing requests for laminated glass – we have devised and exclusively produce the ParallelGlass® line, a brand of bonded glass products interlayered with high quality fabrics and other materials, also on specific request from the customer.
Investing in growth. In a world that is changing day by day, being able to adapt rapidly proves essential. Vetrerie Dal Pian allocates substantial financial resources to keeping itself constantly updated. A prime example of this is our purchasing of the largest and most efficient laminating plants in Italy for the use of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) as interlayer. Or the HST (Heat Soak Test) plant, a further guarantee of safety of the glass.
On-going training Investing in people is at least as important as investing in machinery: Vetrerie Dal Pian constantly updates its co-workers, drawing on specialised consultants, as part of a process of on-going improvement. To develop the competencies and create new inputs, a specific meeting and training area has also been set up, the Dal Pian Materioteca.
Research, passion, creativityOur vibrant, genuine passion for design – with and without glass – has led us to launch an international competition which has involved designers from all over the world. The competition, managed on a crowdsourcing web platform, has allowed us to take up the challenge and share it with designers and creatives who show a great ability to innovate (www.dalpiandesign.com).
Code of ethics. We consider punctuality and responsibility essential: we know how important it is to clearly state delivery times and respect them as programmed. We offer alternative solutions to assist our customer in the event of an emergency.
Certification and traceability. We use exclusively certified raw materials sourced from Europe, able to fully meet all the safety and quality standards set by European conformity regulations.