As the ParallelGlass collection features laminated glass, workmanship (holes, notches, painted decorations, mirror, silk screen printing and anything else) is carried out on both sheets individually before the lamination process. During the following tempering stage, heat treatment and HST (Heat Soak Test) if necessary, provide the greatest guarantee against any fracturing, whether spontaneous or induced, especially for glass panels featuring mechanical workmanship on the edges or other cut-outs/internal holes. Laminating the glass on its own premises has enabled Vetrerie Dal Pian to develop exclusive decorative ranges, including ones designed directly by the customer, offering the interior design sector and furnishing manufacturers a high degree of customisation.

As well as fabrics, elements such as metal mesh, oxidised metals, wood can be interlayered offering an endless choice and a continuous propensity to extend the range of materials used to create increasingly more sophisticated furnishing products to suit contemporary taste.
Moreover, all the transformation processes typically performed on glass can also be carried out on the ParallelGlass range.

The following processes can be carried out on glass featured in the ParallelGlass collection.