ParallelGlass Matched

ParallelGlass Matched is a collection of laminated glass panels created and developed by Vetrerie Dal Pian to meet the requirements of furnishing designers, who the Company has worked with over several decades gaining a vast amount of experience. Our primary objective, in fact, has always been to proactively work alongside and support those designing, developing and looking for glass solutions for furnishing and industry.
The underlying idea that led us to create this specific brand – exclusive to Vetrerie Dal Pian – was to enhance laminated glass by combining it with high-quality fabric interlayers. The fabrics are delicately bonded inside the glass.
The extensive catalogue available to the public illustrates a choice of elegant fabrics featuring sophisticated weaves and colour shades as well as the wealth of different glass finishes available for the panels in which the fabric is bonded.

The panels provide infinite possibilities to create transparency - or screening, to meet the need for privacy -, and more importantly, to allow the designer to create any aesthetic or colour result she or he wishes.
As the fabric collection has been so well received, we have decided to take the challenge further and extend the already vast range of solutions to include other materials: metal mesh, wood, oxidised metals and many others, which we continue tirelessly to test.
Our on-going research into creativity and customisation for all our customers – whether interior designers or in industry – has spurred us on to create exclusive solutions, including some for individual customers.

This means that customers co-design their very own finishes with Vetrerie Dal Pian, based on a mutual commitment to programme production by one party and respect of the exclusivity by the other.
As regards technical specifications, we have started offering laminated products featuring at least 2 sheets of extra clear float tempered glass, mainly in thicknesses of 4 mm + 4 mm.
We currently also manufacture on request greater thicknesses (for example, 8, 10, 15, or more mm.) for use as table tops, “all glass” doors, vanity unit tops, shower cubicles, kitchen worktops, wall coverings, balustrades, floors, stairs, etc…
We also use as interlayer one or more layers of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), which guarantees perfect transparency, excellent bonding and effective resistance to water; but which more importantly complies in every respect to the strict aesthetic and quality requirements of the furnishing industry.

As standard laminated glass, all the ParallelGlass line is considered to all extent and purposes safety glass, and in the greater thickness is also considered shatterproof. We can also temper the panels before laminating to guarantee greater resistance for glass featuring mechanical workmanship, such as holes, notches and cut-outs for inserting any type of hardware, for attaching (for example, hinges and locks on "all glass" doors, fixing studs for tables, plates and studs for attaching to walls, stairs, etc.), or for the installation of accessories (such as sinks and hobs on worktops, etc.).