The business was established in 1964 by Umberto Dal Pian, who started out as a village glassmaker and then went on to work as a subcontractor for lighting firms. In the early Eighties, the sons Diego and Daniele joined the family business, which in time was incorporated. The sons decided to invest and structure the Company so that it could partner up with those working in the furniture and interior design sectors. In just a few years the Company proved it was able to meet the stringent requirements - in terms of both aesthetics and quality – of the blossoming furniture manufacturer districts of Quartier del Piave, Livenza and Brianza.
Huge investments followed in order to guarantee a complete range of processes and transformations for all the various types of flat glass. Every area of the home, public, private or professional space (see Applications), represents for Vetrerie Dal Pian a challenge, a place where new and refined specific processes are offered.

Today, the know-how acquired enables the Company to position itself on the market as a Partner in the co-design of glass products for furnishing and industry, with a global consultancy service for product manager and designers.
Using a proactive approach extending in many different directions, Vetrerie Dal Pian has created its own exclusive range of laminated glass panels under the ParallelGlass® brand and has launched an international competition where already established or emerging designers create unique objects, grouped under the Dal Pian Design®brand, forming a reservoir teeming with ideas for future projects to offer customers.